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Subject: celebrity / boybands: Brian & Jack: part 2WARNING: the following story contains material that might not be
appropriate for all readers. So if you are not allowed to read this,
then don't do it!. japanese preteen underage The following is a fictional story containing guy
to guy sex and fantasy's of being with a celebrity, the celebrity
being Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. I am a fprbidden preteen girls
fan of theirs
and in no sense is any of this story true. Its just a little
You must be 18 or of legal age in your state to read this. So read
on and I hope you like it, it is my first time writing a story like
this so I hope you all like it.
Brian lost me out of sight as my cab turned around the corner, he
just sighed and walked back to the limo where the other ones were
waiting for him.
"are you ok Brian?" Kevin said concerned.
"yeah... I'm fine" Brian answered as he got into the limo.
"so... what's the deal with you?" Howie said.
"I don't know, I guess I just like him a bit" Brian said quietly
"you mean 'a lot'" AJ said
"what? What do you mean?" Brian said as he turned to look at AJ.
"I mean you like him a lot, come on Brian you were drooling all over
him" AJ stated. "with all the 'call me if you need anything' stuff"
"I was not drooling over him!" Brian answered back "I just thought
it would be nice to see him again".
"well.. we are going to see him tonight Bri, so preteen boy toplist don't worry too
much" Nick said.
"oh yeah, I think I should give him a call to see at what time he
wants us to be there guys" Brian told everyone as he slipped out of
his pocket the piece of paper with my cell phone number on it.MEANWHILE...I was sitting back in the cab as I was thinking about Brian.
'oh , he's really cute, I could easily fall for him, but not now,
not after...' my thoughts vanished as my cell phone started ringing.
"hello?" I said.
"so where are you boy?" a voice said.
"well.. I'm here in New York, so I think I can meet you at your
place in about...15 min, is that all right Faye?" I said.
"yes, fprbidden preteen girls that's perfect, cause it's already 2:00 and we need to have
everything ready vombat preteen board for 5 so that the gala can start at around 6 or 7"
"ok, then I guess I'll see you in a bit" I said
"well, ok goodbye monkey boy"
"I hate it when you call me that and you know it!" I said as I
"I know but I love to call you that" she giggled.
"ok curly, bye"
"but please hurry up!" she said.
"well...I'll try, but I have to go shopping and then maybe I'll go
to watch a movie or something and maybe in a couple of hours I will
go down to check on you, is that all right?" I said in a sarcastic
"I'm serious!" she said.
"ok, ok, I'm on my way, don't freak out..." I answered.
"ok, sorry, is that I'm so nervous about it, but I'll calm myself
down completely when I see you" she said.
"ok, I'll see you in a while...bye for now" I said.
"bye" she said as I hung up the phone.I has just put my phone away when it started ringing again. 'God,
it's been nonude com preteen like 2 seconds since I talked to her and she is already
calling me again?' I thought.
"it's been like two seconds, can't you wait a few hours more!" I
said as I answered the phone, I knew that those words were going to
freak her preteen ukraninan models out, so I just waited for a reply.
"hi Jack" a voice said "I need to talk to you if you have any time"
"who is this?" I said.
"it's me...Tom"
"why are you calling me?" I said in a very angry tone.
"I just wanted to say that.." I interrupted by saying "please...
don't say it"
"...I love you,do you still love me?" was all he said.
"you know I did love you...once...but not anymore, not after what
you did to me" I said
"well...maybe if you hadn't been preteens ls video
so busy with your work, this would
have never happened" he answered back
"what?!!, what did you just say??, I told you back then that if we
were going to have a relationship, you would have to accept that I
was going to have a lot of work and you said you were ok with it,
but I guess you manila preteen locator weren't, and you just had to go and fuck Ben!" I
said as I started raising my voice.
"well...maybe if you and I try again..."I interrupted him
" I don't think so, you hurt me once, but you won't do it again, I
can assure you that!" I said.
"ok then...fine, and by the way...he was really good in bed"
"Fuck you!! and fuck him!!, and don't you ever call me again!!" I
yelled as I hung up once more. I just stared into space as tears
flooded my eyes and started running down my cheeks. 'why can't I
just be happy??, god, please help me out' I thought.Suddenly, the phone started ringing again, but I didn't want to
answer it because I knew it was probably Tom again, after a few
seconds I just picked it up.
"didn't I make myself perfectly clear?!" I yelled through the phone
without knowing who had called "I said fuck you!! And fuck him!!,
you two can just go to hell, I... don't... care" I struggled to say
the last words as my tears continued to run down my face.
"Oh, Jack, are you ok?, what's wrong?" a sweet voice said. I just
froze, I wasn't sure who it was but I felt so bad as I realized I
had yelled at that person.
"are you there?" the voice said.
"who is this?" I barely said as I was crying.
"It's me Brian"
"oh, I'm sorry Bri, I just..."I trailed off. I wasn't sure if I
should tell him what was going on as I had just met him.
"Jack? You know you can talk to me if you want"
"well, I just had an argument with someone"
"but why are you crying?"
"I don't know"
"where are you? Do you want me to go over there?"
"thanks Brian, but I don't think that is necessary as I'm in the cab
and going over to Faye's place"
"oh I see, but...who's Faye?" he said in a sweet tone
"didn't I tell you? Oh I'm sorry...well she's a very close person to
me and I love her really much, right now she's helping me with the
gala, so... oh Brian! all preteen sites I didn't tell you at what time it was did I?"
" a matter of fact no, you didn't, that's why I was calling
you right now"
"hmm? If you can come around 6, that would be perfect" I said.
"that's great, so I guess I'll see you later then, but are you sure
you're gonna be all right?"
"yes Brian, don't worry, I'm ok now, thanks and I'll se you later,
"bye" he said as preteens ls video he hung up.I put my phone away and thought about Brian. He's really great and
he had made me feel a lot better and I had started to develop a lot
of love towards him, but... just as a friend.
BACK IN BRIAN'S LIMO..."so what did he say?" Nick asked.
"well, he said that we should be there at 6" Brian answered sadly.
"what happened?" Kevin asked concerned.
"well...he said that he was going to see Faye right now."
"and who is this Faye person?" AJ asked intrigued.
"I don't know, but he said that she was a very close person and he
loved her a lot" Brian sighed.
"but why are you sad?" Howie asked
"because...I think I' love with him" Brian simply said
"What??!!!" they all said in unison.
"what do you mean you love him if you just met preteen hentay
him!?" Kevin said
"I know I just met him but I love him, that's why I'm sad, because I
don't even know if he's gay and probably this Faye is his
girlfriend" Brian sadly said.They all sighed and didn't know what to say to Brian.
"he likes you a lot you know?" Nick said nonchalantly.
"what?" Brian said as his tone changed from sad to happy.
"well...while were on the plane I asked him what he thought about
you, and he said you were a very nice and kind person" Nick said
"wow!" was all that Brian said.
"I think you should just ask him out or something" AJ said.
"I don't know if I can, I mean, I'm not sure if that would be right"
They reached their hotel a few minutes later and they stepped out of
the limo.They checked in and walked towards the elevators. Their rooms were
on the tenth nonude com preteen
floor, once they got to their rooms said preteens 12yo models "ok, unpack
and we'll meet in my room in anal preteen pics half an hour". All of them agreed and
went into their rooms. Their rooms were quite live preteen chat
big, they had a nice
living room and at the far end they had a bedroom and a bathroom.
Brian unpacked fairly quickly and was the first one to be in Kevin's
room, and was soon followed by AJ and Howie.They just sat there in silence in Kevin's room when they heard a
banging on the door, so Kevin got up and answered.
"I've got a very good idea so that Brian can spend a lot of time
with Jack!" Nick said excited as he entered Kevin's room
"what is it?" Howie said.
"well, you know he said he was out of a job and he was having this
gala thing to see preteen 3d porn if anyone was interested in his work"
"yes, so?" AJ said.
"well, maybe he live preteen chat can be the backstreet boys personal designer!"
"what??!!" all of them said in unison.
"yeah! Think about it!, he would be around us all the time and Brian
would get the chance to ask him out if the opportunity comes" Nick
said.They thought about it for a second or two and then realized that it
was actually a very good idea and agreed. Brian was so excited about
it that he just couldn't stop smiling.
"thank you so much Nick"
"you're welcome Bri, I just want you to be happy and if Jack makes
you happy then...let's get him" Nick answered.
"I'll make all the arrangements necessary, ok?" Kevin said as he
stood up and walked towards the balcony. He made a few phone calls
that lasted for a few minutes.
"It's settled, he will be our personal designer, this evening,
management will go and talk to him about it" Kevin said as pedo child preteen
he walked
into the room.
"excellent" Brian answered.
"well, I guess we should get some rest and later on we can go to
the gala ok?" Kevin asked them. All of them agreed and went into
their own rooms. Brian went into his room very happy as he was going
to have the chance to be with Jack for a lot of time from now on. He
couldn't be happier.
BACK IN FAYE'S PLACE... I stepped out of the cab and paid the driver. I knocked on Faye's
front door and she immediately opened and hugged me.
"Hello Jacky boy" she said happily.
"Hi Faye"
"Don't stand there, we have a lot of things to do before the gala,
like what you'll wear...what I'll wear and lots more" she said as
she pushed me in.We spend a few minutes deciding what were we going to wear, finally,
I decided I was going to wear a black suit with a white shirt, and
she was going to wear a dark blue dress.As we were getting dressed, I told her about my problems with the
flight and how I had met Brian, we talked for a long time: I also
told her how I was starting to like being with Brian.
"But you've only met him and you just broke up with Tom" she said
"I know but...I just like Brian, well, I just want him as a friend"
I told her so that she wouldn't worry about me, but knowing that I
wasn't sure about it.
"ok, let's get going now, it's already preteen hentay half past five!!!" she said
" Oh god! We're really late, I can believe we spent that long
talking, let's go now!" I said and walked towards the doorWe walked out of her house and got into her car. I drove her car to
the gala and on the way there, we talked about us and our
"I've got a big surprise for you" Faye said with a huge grin.
"what is it?!, please tell me!" I said excited.
"just wait and see" she said. I just nodded and didn't bother to
argue anymore because when Faye doesn't want to tell me something,
she won't say it, she's like a tomb!Faye was a very special person to me that I had met a few years ago.
I met her during a charity event when I was working for Britney and
from there we really hit it off. She knows I'm gay and she's
perfectly fine about it, she is very caring and always wants what's
best for me. She preteen topless pthc
is straight as an arrow, and she has dated quite a
few celebrities in the past. She is a designer and has worked for
Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera and many more. Right now, she was
helping me to get started in this business.We reached the gala at around quarter past six, so we stepped out of
the car and the valet took our car away. We went in and live preteen chat a lot of
people were already there. I was astonished, the place looked really
great, and there were many celebrities there. Faye quickly left my
side and started to mingle and I just laughed at her. Suddenly I
felt a hand on my mpegs preteen shoulder.
"hi again Jack" a voice said.
"hi Britney" I said as I turned to face her
"how's it going?" she said
"fine, hopefully with this gala I will be able to get a job"
"I'm sure you will, I mean you designed my first costumes and they
were great" she answered "oh by the way, I called a friend of mine
and he'll come to the gala, so maybe you can get a job with him".
"who's him?" I asked
"It's me" a male voice said behind my back.I turned around to see who it was and I was shocked when I realized
it was Justin Timberlake from N*Sync. I was speechless and zoned out
for a minute.
"are you ok?" He said with a puzzled look
"I'm sorry is that I...well..."I struggled to speak.
"don't worry about it Justin" Britney said as she faced me "now this
jack, Justin is here to see your potential, because they want to
hire you as the group's personal designer"
"what?!" I said dumfounded.
"that's exotic young preteen right, Britney told me about your designer assets and we
thought you might be the one for us, because we do have a designer,
but I think we need fresh ideas" Justin said. He leaned over and
whispered in my ear "but she didn't tell me you were that cute".I just blushed as I didn't know what to say. I thanked Britney for
all her support and the three of us talked for a while. Justin told
me about the contracts, I would have to design clothes for them and
I would have to give ideas to their designer, etc, I agreed with all
the parts of the contract, so, after a few minutes, Justin handed me
the contract for me to sign, which I did immediately.Britney saw that I was so happy that she gave me a hug and whispered
in my ear "you'll be just great". She let me go and Justin came
forward, I was about to give him a hand shake, when he suddenly took
me in his arms and hugged me tight, he simply said "welcome to the
N*sync family". I thanked him and he let me go, just as he did so, I
turned around to find Brian holding a big bunch of flowers, he
looked at me with tears preteen models newsgroup in his eyes, with all the backstreet boys
behind him. I looked at him and was about to say hi when he turned
around and walked out of the room.
hello again! this is the second part of the series. I will post the
other chapters as soon as i can ok?if you have any comments live preteen chat or want to e-amil me for any reason: is my e-mail addresssee you later.
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